This Action Lab proposes to rethink monuments in terms of Indigenous land. This has implications at the largest level of our National Parks and Forests, place names, and the regeneration of land relationships for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. At the local level, this would involve important work in addressing, and healing, the recent history of UC San Diego with respect to Matlahuayl (La Jolla) and the violation of ancestral burial grounds, our Natural Reserve System, and broadly the local history of the 18 federally recognized tribes in San Diego County in 4 bands in Mexico. Rather monumentalize the disappearance of Native Americans – as it common in public monuments today – we propose monuments to Indigenous futures, understanding that ancestors are not archeological objects of the past, but people whose lives, efforts, and teachings make an Indigenous future possible. How do we create public acknowledgments of Indigenous futures? Our proposed partners would include various Kumeyaay organizations, the Natural Reserve System, the Land Relationships Super Collective, and the Kumeyaay-Diegueño Land Conservancy.